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Do I Need Hormones????

            Quite often I get the question, “Do I need hormones”.

The answer is, “It depends”. Hormone replacement is quite often a lifestyle choice. People who are suffering from negative symptoms of hormone imbalance choose bio-identical hormone replacement in order to relieve symptoms and improve their quality of life.  Many people think the symptoms are part of aging and that they have to put up with them. Others question the safety of hormone replacement and attempt to endure the symptoms because they are worried about side effects, especially cancer.  This unnecessarily puts people between the proverbial rock and a hard place, but it does not have to be that way.

            Nothing is risk free but we can minimize the risk. If we replace deficient hormones with hormones that are the same chemical structure as those made by the human body and which, thus, follow the body’s normal metabolic pathways, there is only a minimal chance of negative side effects. In other words if we mimic nature by using bio-identical hormones instead of substituting with a synthetic hormone, we should greatly reduce the risk of side effects. We are simply replacing the deficient hormones with exactly the same chemicals that were in abundance in our bodies when we were younger. These hormones were good for us when we were younger, so the possibility of problems arising from replacement with bioidentical hormones has shown to be minimal.

            To further reduce risk, if a patient needs estrogen replacement we can further minimize the possibility of side effects if we balance estrogen with progesterone. Combining the two natural estrogens, estradiol with estriol, has the potential of further reducing side effects.

            Not everyone needs estrogen replacement. Younger women in particular are often deficient in progesterone, but have normal estrogen levels. Other people are deficient in only testosterone or in DHEA. Quite often we find that people under stress need only DHEA and cortisol balanced.

            Stress exacerbates all hormone deficiency symptoms. Excess stress can be caused by sickness, an accident, pressure in a marriage, difficulties with children, or pressure at work. People who are caregivers are under tremendous stress and I’m including caring for the sick and elderly, caring for children, and teaching school. Even excessive dieting can cause elevated stress levels.

            Every individual is different and a compounding pharmacist specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement can work with you physician to customize a treatment regimen for you.


Floyd Talley, R.Ph., compounding pharmacist, has specialized training in bio-identical hormone therapy for women and men.  He also has special training in compounding for  pain management, veterinary compounding, dental compounding, and compounding medications currently in short supply and not available, and in preparing medications either discontinued or no longer commercially available from the manufacturer . Let us be your problem solving pharmacy. 

Last Updated: 3/28/2017
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