Floyd's Rx Compounding Monthly (BLOG)

January/ February 2018 Edition 

New Year’s Resolutions

   This is the time of year many of us make New Year’s resolutions and most are well intentioned and would lead to “ a better Me “ if we could only keep those resolutions. Sadly after a few weeks reality encroaches and we slip back into the same old habits.

            Maybe this year you can get help keeping those New Year’s resolutions. We are all concerned about how we look and especially concerned about being healthy and vibrant. We all know that a better diet and exercise are important components of a better healthier lifestyle. Many times however in spite of our best efforts with diet and exercise we see little if any positive results and we become discouraged and give up on our resolution to be “ a better me”.

We can help!

            If your hormones are not balanced, you will not see improvement in your physique and health no matter how much you diet and exercise. In addition to your sex hormones your thyroid and adrenal glands must be functioning properly to ensure optimum health and physical fitness.

            A good way to start on your road to “a better Me” this year is to let us help you balance your hormones and address your thyroid and adrenal function. It is easier than you might think. Come by and find out the best way to help you achieve your goal of “a better me”.

            We have a comprehensive program that we can develop for you with your health care practitioner; this will be customized to you and your needs. We are all different so we will take the time to develop along with your physician or nurse practitioner a program especially for you. We always suggest that you have a saliva test done. This gives us a picture of your hormone levels including Testosterone, Estradiol, and Progresterone. The saliva test also measures DHEA and Cortisol levels which help us assess your Adrenal gland function. If needed we can also suggest that your physician do a blood test to measure your thyroid function.

            At the same time we will ask you to fill out a medical history and symptom sheet. While saliva hormone levels gives us a picture of your hormone levels at a point in time the symptom sheet gives us a view over time of what’s causing your symptoms and which hormones would correct the symptoms caused by various hormone deficiencies.

            Estrogen deficiency can manifest as vaginal dryness, urinary track infections, painful intercourse, and hot flashes. Progesterone helps protect against estrogen dominance which may result in weight gain around the waist, breakthrough bleeding, and sleep disturbances. Testosterone or DHEA deficiency can result in decreased libido, osteoporosis, a loss of energy, or mental alertness.

            Cortisol deficiency can result in adrenal fatigue or “adrenal burnout”. This is fatigue not relieved by rest and sleep and is quite often caused by long term stress whether it is work related, family related, or health related.

            Get started on being “a better me” and let us help you achieve that goal.

Floyd Talley, R.Ph., compounding pharmacist, has specialized training in bio-identical hormone therapy for women and men.  He also has special training in compounding for  pain management, veterinary compounding, dental compounding, and compounding medications currently in short supply and not available, and in preparing medications either discontinued or no longer commercially available from the manufacturer . Let us be your problem solving pharmacy.